About Us

About Us

The Peruvian Business Council was founded in December 2007 in New York as a member based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting Peru as an important investment destination in Latin America.

Building Relationships & Informing

During the first two years the Council leadership was focused on forming and positioning a credible organization, by engaging Peruvian and American leaders as members of its Advisory Board; building relationships with developers and leading international corporations; and providing access to first-hand information from opinion leaders, stakeholders and decision makers.

Strategic Partners & Institutional Investors

Although most our of contacts were institutional investors our Council dedicated a substantial portion of its resources to connect Peruvian corporations and project developers with potential international strategic partners with operational knowledge and/or experience in specific areas such as mining, oil & gas, power, and infrastructure. Gradually, the Council started to increase its interaction with institutional investors widening the range of investment promotion possibilities from strategic partnering creation for greenfield/brownfield investment projects, to the promotion of equity and stock investments, from public and private debt promotion to hedging and other investment mechanisms in Peru.

Traditional vs Non Traditional Sectors

Understand the value of investment in traditional areas such as mining, energy, infrastructure or competitive agro-industry we are committed to promote a constructive debate on how to add value to all commodities sectors, and how to improve non-traditional sectors such as technology which will bring Peru to the next level of development.

Our Major Achievement

We are a plural and neutral organization supporting Peru's government and private sector, that has succeeded at gathering the unconditional support of the biggest and most important international corporations to promote investments to Peru.

Dynamic and Innovative Growth

We continue growing in a dynamic and innovative way. Our Council will open an office in Singapore to promote investments from Asia to Peru. We are strongly committed to continue creating channels and forging partnerships to promote investments in Peru. We believe that today our work is more relevant than ever in order to maintain and secure new investments in our Country.


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